Condamine Vet Clinic your Vet in Warwick

How  can this  local Warwick vet help you and your pet?

Some of our services include:

Wellness Exams

To keep your pet healthy and happy living with your family for as long as possible we recommend annual checkups for all healthy pets. As a general rule 1 year in a dog or cats life is equivalent to about 7 years in our lives.  This means even 1 year is a long time between visits. If your pet has a known disease or is very young or senior(older than 7 years) it is important to have more regular visits.


Spey & Neuter

Unwanted pet pregnancies and dog and cat fights can make your life unbearable. We recommend the desexing, speying or neutering of all cats and dogs that are not destined for a breeding program. It is adisable to desex your pet before they reach sexual maturity this is usually at about 5 1/2- 6 months of age.

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Emergency Care

At Condamine Vet Clinic we understand how stressful it can be when something goes wrong with you pet after hours.  This is why we have a 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service available for all clients.  Phone 46671176 for a vet in Warwick.


Puppies and dogs die from Parvovirus, don't let it

be your best friend. All dogs and cats need to be

vaccinated against infectiousdiseases.  Warwick has

a high incidence of Parvo-virus and complete

vaccination is highly recommended.  Phone

Condamine Vet Clinic for more information on





                                                Pup with Parvovirus  



Surgery and the anaesthetic is a worry for any of us. Knowing that your pet is operated on by an experienced surgeon with a dedicated anaesthetist will reduce the risk of the procedure.  We are highly skilled at most surgeries that your pet may require.  If more complex surgeries are indicated for your pet we can refer patients to specialist services.



Micro Chipping

According to Queensland law all puppies and kittens need to be microchipped  between 8-12 weeks of age. Microchipping can be done at the time of puppy or kitten vaccinations and allows the accurate identification of all pets. Keep your pets details current when you change address.

Dental Care

Dental care is extremely important for all animals. Smelly breath, painful mouth and pussy discharge.  Dental disease does not just cause a sore mouth but it can have an effect on your pets general health by causing internal disease to the heart, kidney, liver and lungs. 80% of dogs and cats over the age of 3 years have dental disease.

We can give advice on keeping your pets teeth clean and if necessary scale and polish, and extract teeth (if needed) when your pet is under anaesthetic








Before dental procedure                             After dental procedure



Digital radiographs mean you can get a quick

result on what is going on with your pets xrays.



Ultrasound provides more information to help diagnose what is wrong with your pet when it is sick and you are worried.  It is a great way to know if your pet is pregnant.



Fast results can be obtained when blood tests are done on site, however for more complex cases we send tests away to specialised veterinary laboratories


Puppy Prechool

All puppies will benefit from as much training as they can get. Puppy preschool classes are designed for pups between the age of 8-16 weeks.  All pups need to be vaccinated to attend. Contact Condamine Vet Clinic on 46671176 for more information.


Pet Insurance

Can give you financial peace of mind when the emotional worries of an accident or illness unexpectedly occurs with your pet. There are many insurance companies available for your pet and they all offer different benefits in various situations.